Can I get a study permit?

Julian Pokroy January 3, 2010

Q: I wish to come to South Africa in order to study at a university there, but I have not decided which one yet. Can I obtain a study permit and decide where I want to study once I get there?

A: No, you may not. In order to obtain a study permit, you must already have been accepted, by way of written acceptance, by the educational institution at which you intend to study.

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Julian Pokroy is one of South Africa’s leading Immigration Specialist Attorneys. He has been practicing immigration law since 1980 and celebrates 30 years of specialist immigration, nationality and refugee law practice in 2010! Julian heads up the Immigration, Nationality and Refugee Law Committee of the Law Society of South Africa and is is a member of the South African Law Commission’s Committee for Home Affairs. Julian is also a prolific author on immigration matters both in South Africa and internationally.

  • Clare Drury

    I am enroling to do a series of courses with a college called INTEC, they are a south african college that specialises in distance learning. Im am living in Cape Town and am currently on my partners visa, can I change to a study permit if I am with this college?

  • Julain Pokroy

    In order to study at any place of learning, you would first have to be possessed of an appropriate study permit first.
    The type of temporary residence permit/visa that you have currently endorsed in your passport will determine whether you can in fact change status form your current permit/visa.
    If there are no conditions prohibiting or restricting a change of status then you would still have to comply with all the other statutory documentation.
    I would suggest you visit our website and complete the free questionnaire for further assessment.

  • Insomniac0308

    I am a holder of a study permit for information technology at the university of johannesburg and i would like to change my course to engineering at the same university. Is there a need for me to change my study permit? And if so, how do i go about getting it changed?