Part time job – do I need a permit?

Julian Pokroy January 11, 2010

Q: I am a full-time university student and have managed to secure a part time job as a waiter. Do I need a work permit?

A: So long as you do not work more than twenty (20) hours in a week, then you do not require a work permit. All study permits automatically allow for twenty (20) hours per week of part time work.

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  • Traceyv

    Actually, if you read the FAQ on the the Home Affairs site, it states that you do require an endorsement to work part time if you have a student permit. The issue is frequently misunderstood due to the “twenty hours” clause. You may not undertake more than 20 hours as this is the national quota permitted by law, but still needs to be endorsed by a letter from Home Affairs in the form of a letter by them – which states “for not more than twenty hours”. We had a delegation from top Home Affairs officials at our university to clarify this matter.