Family in South Africa

Julian Pokroy January 16, 2010

Q: I have family in South Africa. Am I entitled to enter South Africa on this basis?

A: Yes, you would be entitled to a relatives permit. This would depend upon what your relationship is to the South African citizen or Permanent Resident family member. A relatives permit is allowed for persons who are within the first or second degree of kinship to the South African citizen or Permanent Resident. This would allow for a parent, child, grandparent, grandchild and sibling. It is important to take note that the holder of a relatives permit may not conduct work.

About Julian Pokroy, the author

Julian Pokroy is one of South Africa’s leading Immigration Specialist Attorneys. He has been practicing immigration law since 1980 and celebrates 30 years of specialist immigration, nationality and refugee law practice in 2010! Julian heads up the Immigration, Nationality and Refugee Law Committee of the Law Society of South Africa and is is a member of the South African Law Commission’s Committee for Home Affairs. Julian is also a prolific author on immigration matters both in South Africa and internationally.

  • Yolande Birkholtz

    My husband has a South African family permit – he is Romanian and the family permit expires in January.  We going to South Africa in August and I would like to open a business in Photography with him.  What visa would he have to apply for to be able to work in South Africa and through home affairs/ the South African embassy in Romania?