Exceptional skills work permit

Julian Pokroy February 4, 2010

Q: I believe that I am an exceptionally skilled individual. I understand that there is something called an exceptional skills work permit. How will I know if I qualify?

A: An exceptional skills work permit requires an applicant who is uniquely and exceptionally skilled. This may not necessarily mean that you have numerous Degrees behind your name, however this is always an advantage. To fall within this category it also generally means that you would have numerous publications that you have authored, as well as awards won in your profession and that, on the whole, you must be well known in your profession and industry. The individual must be possessed of skills that are scarce or not freely available but needed in South Africa.

About Julian Pokroy, the author

Julian Pokroy is one of South Africa’s leading Immigration Specialist Attorneys. He has been practicing immigration law since 1980 and celebrates 30 years of specialist immigration, nationality and refugee law practice in 2010! Julian heads up the Immigration, Nationality and Refugee Law Committee of the Law Society of South Africa and is is a member of the South African Law Commission’s Committee for Home Affairs. Julian is also a prolific author on immigration matters both in South Africa and internationally.

  • Mbeke

    A Bachelor of Textile Technology Honours + MBA
    Do these qualify me for a quouta permit

  • Bons

    Am I allowed to change jobs on a exceptional skills permit?

  • http://twitter.com/CapeCoders socialmedialogue

    @Bons: Yes, you are

  • Prakash Sharma

    Currently holding Quota work permit (Exceptional skill) which is valid till 2016.
     where DHA has mention condition1.      To take up employment with Glennco Consulting (PVT) Ltd asFunctional Consultant (IT).To Confirm EACH and every 12 month to DHA.I have doubt for employer change.1. Do I need to file another work permit, if I change my employer?2.  Am I eligible for permanent Residence because I am holding Quotawork permit.    If yes please let me know your fee and list of the documents for PR.Looking forward to hearing from you.