AfriForum prepares to take legal action against Eskom

Alana Bailey July 23, 2010

AfriForum has joined the fight to keep the Mafube municipality’s electricity switched on. According to Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg, AfriForum spokesperson on local government, AfriForum will act on behalf of the Frankfort community. A letter was handed to Eskom yesterday, in which Eskom is requested to give the assurance that it will not suspend the electricity supply to the Mafube municipality.

Jansen van Rensburg said that if Eskom cannot give AfriForum this assurance, a legal process will be embarked on. “We are preparing for a legal process, should Eskom take action that is not in the interests of the paying residents of Frankfort,” he said.

“We understand the position that Eskom finds itself in, but the rights of the community should not be violated. The incompetent local politicians should be held accountable, not the paying residents of the municipality,” Jansen van Rensburg said.

AfriForum laid a complaint against the municipality with the Public Protector earlier this month, requesting an inquiry into the reasons for the crisis.


About Alana Bailey, the author

Alana is the Deputy CEO of AfriForum, a civil rights initiative established by Solidarity in order to activate minority communities outside the realm of party politics in order to become involved in the public debate. AfriForum is responsible for a broad range of campaigns aimed at the protection of civil rights, including lobbying for language rights, opposition against crime and continued support for remigrating South Africans via the Come Home Campaign.

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