Editor August 11, 2010

The Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates in the North West are disturbed by the headlines in the Mafikeng Mail of 6th August 2010 which read “Vavi angers PTT (Provincial Task Team)”. This is disturbing given the fact that the North West province is one of the provinces which are overwhelmed by corruption in all spheres.

We have witnessed a discriminative implementation of the report done by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs of which we have since requested a copy and we are not getting it. Senior managers in government departments have been implicated in corruption allegations but the PTT has done nothing to bring the perpetrators to book.

In the same edition in page 5, MEC Mahlakeng cannot wait for the formation of the anti-corruption team to be formed and this is because he is also overwhelmed with the challenges of corruption in his department and he is not getting any support from the PTT.

Vavi and COSATU owes no one and apology and the statement is not irresponsible. It asks the PTT to stand up to the challenge and root out corruption indiscriminately and not selectively as it is currently done in the North West province.

We also want to put it in record that Vavi accounts to the two million members of COSATU and what he said is as per the mandate of these two million members who entrusted him with this mandate in the national congress last year. Therefore he is going to speak the way the workers want him to speak not the way the PTT want him to speak

We also want to challenge the Mail as a responsible media to help us to root out this cancer of corruption rather than to take sides.

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