Time to play poker: the World Series is coming!

games.co.za September 6, 2010

Whether you are an avid player or not, you undoubtedly know what the game of Poker is. Or at the very least that it exists and has millions of players all over the world. But up until now all the major poker players were from the United States and it wasn’t even until recently that the game saw an increase in European poker stars. But now the World Series of Poker, the largest and most important poker event on the planet is coming to South Africa!

WSOP Circuit Event in AfricaFrom October 24-31 the Emerald Casino will harbor some of the best from this continent and the rest of the world. “This is the biggest news in Poker” says the casino’s CEO Martin Rice. He claims this tournament will increase the popularity of poker to rival soccer or rugby in South Africa. And that is exactly the goal the WSOP strives for and the reason they have now set up WSOP Africa to organize this and future events. As Rice says: “Poker has, over the past half-decade, accelerated in popularity. Our Emerald Poker Series, and its growing fields, is testament to the unlimited success of the sport. It was only natural to follow-on its popularity with the greatest tournament on the planet.”

Unfortunately for Africa’s top poker stars, this game is only a ‘Circuit’ game, which means the winners will receive a gold ring and not a highly prized bracelet, which is internationally recognized as one of the biggest prizes in poker. Players require nine of those bracelets to pay in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, so tournaments that have them as prizes are extremely popular. But the lack of these is of course to the benefit of the upcoming talents in Africa who will have a higher chance to compete (and win!). You can even compete if you want to: simply fill out the form on the Emerald Casino website. But if you rather practice your play and hone your skills first, there is ample opportunity for it online. In fact, poker is one of the most popular games played on internet! So check out what Poker on the web has to offer, whether you want to play for money, get some pro tips or just play around, it’s all there!

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