3D Takes Over Electronics Show

games.co.za September 16, 2010

3D was the key word at the 50th IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this month. Panasonic was one of the most enthusiastic proponents of new 3D consumer electronics with what they claim to be the first 3D consumer video, which should allow people to record home videos in 3D. Panasonic and Sony, the big gun in 3D media, presented 3D projectors for 3D. Both companies are developing 3D TVs, cameras and content (downloadable movies for example). However, the high price of these products is likely to hold the average consumer back for the time being.

3D Graphics in Online Gaming
3D movies are now extremely popular, but 3D technology can also be applied to other images to great effect, such as music performances, theatre, and sport. In the world of online gaming 3D technology has already made a great impact. 3D graphics improve with great strides, but the classics of immersive 3D graphics in video games, such as Doom and Wolfenstein, are still great to play, if only for the nostalgic value. Here are some of our Doom favourites, and they’re for free.

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