New club opens in Cape Town

The Administrator December 2, 2010

Voom Voom is a new cosmopolitan, eclectic jazz club. We provide a platform for emerging South African musicians, artists and performers the occasion to expose their talents, and celebrate their love of music, art and dance.

Our deep-rooted knowledge allows us to present our entertainment venue, based in 70 Loop Street, Cape Town, to all artists, both visual and acoustic to come gather, mingle and participate in interactive contests, themed nights and staged events.

Our sound of music is Jazz & Nu-Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Afro Beats, Latin Kicks, Brazilian Beats, Soul, Hip Hop, Broken Beats, Jungle and electronic music. Also featuring, local and international DJ’s, bands and jam/open mike sessions.

DJ Fred Spider is a musician, artistic director and music producer and began mixing music in 1984 and has taken his inspiration from polymorphous beats and dancing grooves, spreading his good vibes on dance floors around the world, featuring at Montreux Jazz Festival * Jazz a Vienne * Cape Town Jazz Festival * San Sebastian Jazz Festival * Sonar Off Barcelona * Nuits Sonores Lyon * Stade de France Paris* Tribu Jazz Festival Paris * Jelly Jazz Plymouth * Printemps de Bourges * Jazz Cafe London * Jazz Room Brighton * Nancy Jazz Pulsation * Arênes de Nimes * Cargo London * Cannes Movie Festival * Japan * USA * China * Australia * Argentina * Turkey * Mauritius Island * Europe.

He worked as a resident DJ and Artistic Director for eight years for Club La Marquise in Lyon, which is still one of the best clubs in France and also collaborated with clubs in Barcelona. He has woven his web worldwide and created his own label ‘Plein Gaz Productions’ and produced his own band ‘Colorblind’ – The Jivers.

Infrared, musician, DJ, composer, arranger and producer spent many years behind his instruments and turntables then started to mix with top international DJ’s. He developed an eclectic culture of music and has co-animated for a popular jazz radio show ‘Contre temps’ on radio Brume. Infrared has his own ‘Mezzanine Studio’ that allows him freedom of creation.

He composed many albums, produced movie soundtracks and countless singles Superhuit Music enabling him to reach all musical styles and collaborated with many great musicians. He has just produced a single ‘Mercury’ with Lu Chase a South African singer, songwriter, radio DJ and actress best known for fronting the band Cape Town Iridium Project, with their hit ‘Lu’s Control’. The music video is in production and will is be launched soon. Lu Chase performs at Vaudeville and Club Voom Voom.

In our first month we brought out Mo’Horizons (Germany) and Paul Seiji (London) – ‘Bugz in the Attic’.

Babu was here on the 26th November and they fused the complexity and vibrancy of jazz with the long-standing improvisational practices of Indian classical music, which has had an extensive history of spirituality in music.

On the 3rd December we will feature Veronique Malherbe’s artwork and DJ BNX, conductor of ZIMPALA group will play in total contrast as he splits between organic jazz and various experimental electronic music.

Soldiers of Twilight are doing a SA tour and will be performing at Voom Voom on the 4th December (DJ Rork and Lady Bird) track ‘Believe’ was a very big success not only in South Africa but the rest of the World and we expect them to deliver an explosive show. (Joburg, Le Mix Room / Cape Town, Voom Voom Club / Durban, TBA)

On the 22nd December we are hosting our first ladies night ‘Disco Diva D’Lite’, where we will encourage the ladies to sing, dance and perform for prizes from sponsors.

11th December – DJ Razzano & Fong Kong Frequency

15th December – Bruce Muirhead The Muirhead Quartet – CD launch

The Muirhead Quartet is the new voice of Cape Town and South African jazz. The band was born in 2007 and also played at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in the same year. Parallel ideas of swing and funk found their mark in the creation of something else entirely.

17th December – D Maslow & Che Cherry (Live) (Pretoria)

D Maslo & Che Cherry is a duo of artists. The main act of their performance is Che Cherry singing on tracks mixed live by D Maslo. Their music includes original lyrics and music as well as unique covers of soul, funk and disco classics on a fine selection of tracks. Their set moves the crowd from deep house beats to rocking house rythms followed by D Maslo’s mix of house classics, new releases and disco house songs.

For more info visit their web site.

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