International animal week

Editor September 27, 2011

World Animal Day falls on Tuesday 04 October and it marks the start of International Animal Week. SPCAs throughout South Africa will be participating.

International Animal Week runs from 04 to 10 October annually.


The whole purpose of the week is to draw attention to animals in a celebratory way.

The public and media are asked to approach SPCAs in their area to find out what is happening and to join in to make this year’s celebrations memorable. Full contact details of all SPCAs in South Africa can be found on .

The whole focus is positive, an appreciation of the wealth of animal life in South Africa from our magnificent whales to the variety of butterflies and birds, plus of course the wildlife, farm animals and domesticated animals.

The SPCA movement cares for, protects and works with all species of animals and is using International Animal Week to promote kindness, compassion and respect for all animals.

Be part of the week in whatever way you can.

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