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games.co.za March 8, 2012

Last week we mentioned a lot of fun car games that were about auto and motor racing. However, not every game involving cars is about racing those cars. A popular subcategory of car games is the genre of Pimp My Ride games. These games are based on the TV show Pimp My Ride, produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit.

In this show, participants present their old and run down cars to the Pimp My Ride team. Car maintenance and cleaning have often been terribly neglected, and the cars are usually in a poor state. And if the owners are not already a little embarrassed about exposing the festering remnants of fast food under the passenger seat and the mould working it’s way through the rubber and rust around the windows to the rest of the world, Xzibit will make sure to provide vivid commentary on the impression their car is making on him. To compensate for all that, however, the car restoration team will not just fix the car, but fully customize it in the most outrageous and extraordinary ways.

Play the Best Online Pimp My Ride Games

In Pimp My Ride games, you too can customize a car. Maybe not with the half-size pool table and hot tub combo supplied with two dozen speakers and wii consoles that generally grace the TV show, but still pretty neat custom work: Full colour decals, spinning rims, neon lights… you can go pretty wild unleashing your creative skills on your ride.

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