Train Your Brain with Great Online Chess Games March 13, 2012

Chess is one of the world’s most popular and most famous games. Everyone will be familiar to a certain extent with the square-checkered chessboard and the distinctive chess pieces. Since the 1950s, chess enthusiasts and computer engineers have been programming computers to play chess and an increasingly high level. These days you can play many chess games online. Read on to find out more about chess and where to play the best ones online.

Origin of Chess

The board game chess is centuries and centuries old, but where does it come from? The earliest version of chess can be traced to the Sassanid Persian Empire around the year 600. This strategic game was an older form of chess called chatrang, and that name referred to the four divisions of the army that the pieces represented. There is evidence that this game had spread through Western Europe and Russia by the year 1000. About two hundred years later, the rules and pieces of the game were gradually modified. One of the important changes, for instance, was replacing the earlier vizier chess piece with the queen chess piece. This is why western chess used to be referred to as Queen’s Chess.

Around the 15th century, written works on chess strategy began to appear, and around this time chess became a teaching tool for military stategy in noble culture. During the Enlightenment, however, chess came to be regarded as a tool for self-improvement, to train qualities of the mind such as foresight and caution.

Chess and Computers

Several branches of mathematics can be applied to chess, and since the 1950s computer engineers, mathematicians, and chess enthusiasts have created chess-playing machines and chess computer programmes. These were initially considered an amusing curiosity, but with increasing innovations, analytical ability and growing databases of past games, these programmes became smarter and more powerful. 1997 saw the first match in with a chess computer, IBM’s Deep Blue, beat a World Champion chess player, Garry Kasparov.

Chess Games

These days you can find many chess games online, ranging from programmes that are fairly easy to beat to ones that make pretty formidable opponents. Many of these chess games come in the format of casual online games. You don’t even need to download any software to use those chess games to train your brain and improve your skills of foresight and circumspection. Check out this overview of fun 2D and beautifully designed 3D chess games at and choose the best chess game for you! Have fun!

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