Cruel diseased liver for human ‘delicacy’.

Editor March 16, 2012

Criminal charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act are to be laid against Mr and Mrs Diedricks of Bon Canard farm in the Lichtenburg area of the North West Province by the National Council of SPCAs.

please save me from this torture

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Personnel from the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Unit obtained a warrant. They gained entry to the property on Thursday 15 March 2012 where force-feeding of ducks with the purpose of enlarging their livers for pâté de foie gras was found.

“Muscovy ducks selected for this purpose were confined in individual cages so small that they could not turn around and they were unable to stand or spread their wings naturally.”

“This is how these ducks were living and this would continue for several weeks, until their livers had become extremely enlarged. Then they would be slaughtered and their livers processed to make this supposed “delicacy.” There is no humane way to produce pâté de foie gras.”

The NSPCA removed all the ducks from this production system in terms of the warrant issued to them, to prevent further suffering.

A warning in terms of the Animals Protection Act was issued instructing that they had to cease the force-feeding of birds with immediate effect and that the use of individual cages must not be reinstated.

An appeal is made to everyone – restaurateurs, caterers, chefs, the public and media – to please be aware of how this pâté is produced and to come forward with any information relating to any local or alleged local production. We firmly believe that the production method violates South African law. In the interest of the animals whom we protect, we need to know and all matters of this kind need to be investigated and appropriate action taken.

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