SPCA name, logo and personnel

The Administrator March 24, 2012

It is extremely sad to report that the name of the SPCA and our registered trademark logo are being falsely, deliberately and dishonestly used.

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The most recent incidents occurred in the areas of Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark where adult males wearing uniforms identical to or easily mistaken for the official SPCA uniform attempted to remove animals from a pet shop. They were driving a white Nissan vehicle which reportedly carried SPCA insignia on the doors.

The police and local authorities have been informed. Any information with regard to these individuals may be sent to nspca@nspca.co.za.

In one instance in the Eastern Cape, a man was collecting unwanted dogs in a white vehicle, assumed by the public to be from the SPCA. This was not the case. He was a paid employee for a research facility and was providing dogs for this purpose. Most certainly NOT the SPCA. We advised extreme caution at the time.

The SPCA logo is registered and may only be used – even by the individual SPCAs – with the written consent of the National Council of SPCAs. Its use in any circumstances other than by a bona fide SPCA needs to be reported for appropriate action to be taken. It is noted that there are instances of permission having been granted by the NSPCA for outside bodies to reproduce the trademarked logo such as in formal endorsements or with material approved by the organisation for publication.

Genuine SPCA personnel will be able to identify themselves. Only a qualified inspector who has also qualified as an Animal Welfare Assistant through the South African Veterinary Council is entitled to wear the badge and insignia of an inspector and to use that title. Qualified inspectors will carry copies of their Magisterial authorisation in terms of the Animals Protection Act, to be produced for inspection upon request.

The motive of the men posing as SPCA personnel is not known. Anyone having encountered them is asked to come forward with information that will assist the NSPCA and the SAPS in tracing and apprehending the impersonators.

It is added that credentials need to be checked if anyone claims to be representing the SPCA in any way, including posing as a collector of donations or acting on our behalf.

For example, various shopping centres in Gauteng received a communication from an individual claiming that he “acts on behalf of all Regional SPCAs around SA.” The NSPCA refuted this, contacted the person and has received an apology.

Please check the credentials and please verify the claims of anyone claiming to act for or on behalf of any SPCA or using the SPCA name. The local SPCA or the National Council of SPCAs may be approached in such instances.

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