Play the Best Online Golf Games! March 29, 2012

Golf is a sport that, unlike many other sports, doesn’t require standardized area to play in. Every golf course is different. This leaves game designers pretty free to come up with all kinds of great and sometimes pretty fanciful digital golf courses. Read more about golf and online golf games, and find out where you can play the best ones!

The ancient ancestors of the modern game of golf are unknown. There are theories that it came from China, and theories that claim golf was invented by Romans, but there is no definite proof either way. What we do know for sure is that the modern game of golf originated in Scotland, somewhere in the 15th century. The first written record of golf is actually a ban on the game! King James II thought that golf was a useless distraction from learning archery, and so he banned it.

The world’s oldest golf course is also located in Scotland, the aptly named Old Course in St Andrews. It is a site of pilgrimage to golfers, and though nobody knows exactly how old the Old Course is, there is some evidence that suggests it was already being used and grounds to play golf on as early as 1506.

It is also in St Andrews that what is probably the first predecessor of minigolf was created. This was because by the mid-1800s women grew increasingly interested in playing golf, but because conservative society thought golf required swings that were too aggressive for women, the Ladies’ Putting Club was founded. Their course was an 18-hole course of very short putting greens. The first standardized minigolf courses to be mass produced came from North Carolina, America. These are closer to the modern minigolf, with loops and tunnels and other funny obstacles.

Although there are plenty of online games based on standard golf courses, featuring a teeing ground, putting green, bunkers, water hazards, etc. there are also a huge amount of games which are based on minigolf. You can play all kinds of fun golf games at! Not just the regular golf and minigolf games, but also a lot of themed golf games for kids, such as golf featuring famous cartoon characters such as Dora the Explorer and Disney cartoon characters. Or why not use a couple of Roman centurions to play golf with Asterix and Obelix? Play all of these fun games and more at!

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    Golf is such a boring sport at my point of view. Though I like to play games of it. I guess, I have few golf games in my collection of games. A few times, I have played it online too.