International Animal Week

The Administrator September 19, 2012

World Animal Day falls on 04 October and marks the start of International Animal Week. The SPCA movement in South Africa takes this opportunity to reach out to our communities to raise awareness and to join us in uplifting the welfare of all animals.

Help us and all animals please!


As the saying goes, charity starts at home, so there is a perfect opportunity on 04 October to ensure that your own companion animals are up to date with their vaccinations and that other precautionary measures have been taken to protect them from fleas, ticks and other parasites. Why not make a point of spending additional quality time with your animals which may involve an outing, play, grooming or general interaction which is always beneficial.

Friday 05 October may be the ideal opportunity to support your local SPCA by having a household “clearance day” and donating items that are no longer used or useful so that they can be sold to raise valued income. Books, toys, clothing, household items are all welcomed.

The weekend of 06 and 07 October is the best time to see what is happening in your area and to join in. Activities planned are varied. It is always a case of the more the merrier and every single function or activity will assist animals.

Meat Free Monday could be observed and may lead to this becoming a habit, as well as becoming increasingly aware of foodstuffs in terms of labelling and claims made by the producer or retailer. Let’s start a trend of being ethical consumers who ask questions and raise issues.

The SPCA movement serves to protect all species. During the course of International Animal Week, we ask people to go to and sign up on the pledges which include undertaking not to support circuses with wild animals, not supporting outlets that trade in fireworks and the Meat Free Mondays campaign. The more signatures we have, the stronger our case, so please encourage family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to support this initiative.

As International Animal Week draws to a close, we can all ponder on how each one of us can make a difference on an ongoing basis. This may involve behavioural changes such as adapting shopping patterns to move towards or commit to purchasing only ethically/humanely produced items – which may include clothing, cosmetics and cleaning materials as well as foodstuff.

Above all, caring and being vigilant are important ongoing elements. Please carry the number of your local SPCA on your cell phone and advise them of any emergencies involving animals or of any concerns you may have. We would rather be informed several times over than not be advised of a situation where an animal or animals need assistance.

Being “animal-friendly” is a way of life. It involves consideration and respect for all creatures and an awareness that they cannot help themselves but that help may be given.

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