A Whole New Collection of Fun Didi Games!

games.co.za November 15, 2012

Over at Games.co.za we’ve added a whole new collection of Didi games, a very popular type of online game! But what are Didi games exactly? Didi games are a type of online game, and they are all about fashion, make-up and accessories. In most of these games you will have a character stand in as your model. You can then choose clothes for him or her (mostly her), choose a nice haircut and hair colour, and then you can apply some make up to complete the look you’ve created.

The characters in Didi games are often drawn in a style reminiscent of Japanese cartoons, with big, glittering eyes and elaborate hairstyles. Depending on the game, you can try on all kinds of clothes and accessories with your character. You can also complete your model’s look with various accessories, interesting backgrounds, or even some cute pets.

At Games.co.za we’ve put all these Didi games in one handy overview. Here you can see our entire collection and choose your favourite ones. Our collection is still growing since we add new online games every day, so swing by and check out our newest Didi Games now!

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