Use Your Skills in These New Escape Games! November 21, 2012

Escape games are exactly what the name implies. In these games you’ve been locked up somewhere, accidentally or on purpose, and you have to find a way to escape! Look around and click on items to collect them (although there might be a limit to how many items you can carry at any one time). Inspect the room carefully and remember the strange markings or series of numbers you see, these may be a code that can come in useful later, when you have to open a locked door or safe for instance.

Lots of Puzzles

Sometimes you will have to use the items you find to build something, or mix them together, fill them with something, etc. That’s why you’ll have to think creatively while you play. Can any of the items you found be combined? There will also often be a number of puzzles you need to solve, from simple jigsaw puzzles to more complicated code-breakers. Can you solve all of these to find the way out?

Play Escape Games Online

We’ve collected all of our many point-and-click escape games into one handy overview. This way you can browse our collection and choose your favourite ones. There are lots of different backdrops to all of these games, so you can pick the setting that you think will be most fun to play. We add new games to our growing collection every day, so come on over to and check it out now!

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