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The Administrator November 22, 2012

After a call from Interpol, in the early hours the morning on 22 November 2012, National Council SPCA Inspectors were dispatched to assist in yet another crime involving animals.

This was one of eight transport-related issues responded to by the NSPCA in the last 24 hours and is an indicator of the wide ranging welfare concerns relating to the transport of animals. These include animals being moved internationally in unsuitable containers, holding conditions, and being forced to endure long journeys and delays.

Glad I was found in time

Glad I was found in time

The incident on 22 November related to very young puppies, which were concealed under the front seat of a vehicle also carrying other contraband items and destined for international export. The SAPS Hawks were successful in apprehending the perpetrators and the dogs were signed into the care of the NSPCA and are receiving the necessary veterinary attention.

While still dealing with the abovementioned case, the NSPCA received a call for help about 150 goats being held at OR Tambo International airport, which are bound for Dubai via Singapore.

I have had enough... please help me.

photo credit: gamemaasters.org

These animals had already endured a 1 500 km journey from Nieuwoudtville in the Northern Cape and face a further 24 hours in transit and flight time before they reach their final country of destination. Inspectors are currently on the scene inspecting the animals and assessing the situation and will take the necessary steps to ensure that no further suffering takes place.

This is an example of the range of issues being handled by the NSPCA on a daily basis and a national scale. We are proud of our service to animals, and the commitment of our Inspectors who react immediately to help animals in distress whenever this may be.

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