Strikes, violence – and animals suffer.

The Administrator December 6, 2012

so much pain...

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The SPCA Franschhoek advised the National Council of SPCAs that their manager, “Has her staff locked in at the clinic as the farm workers have been rioting and gathered at the rugby pitch next to the clinic. The SAPS has been firing rubber bullets at the demonstrators as they had got out of hand. Tyres have been burnt and at least 5 dogs have been killed that had been on the streets. Two were stoned to death and one had its throat cut.”

It saddens us immensely that in a struggle of this kind, not only does violence erupt but that innocent animals are brutally victimized. It is unacceptable and a damning indictment of the levels of violence in our country.

That individuals who have dedicated themselves to the welfare of animals are unable to continue their community work is equally damning of those who are compromising their safety.

The SPCA movement is non-political. We are not aligned with any political party nor with any religion nor any culture or grouping.

The violence towards animals and their killing is unreservedly condemned.

In the context of the current campaign against violence, these actions take on a greater level of horror.

Sympathies are extended to our colleagues in Franschhoek who are having to deal with these traumatic events. We wish them well but above all we extend an appeal for all forms of violence and abuse towards animals to end.

There is no justification for what occurred under any circumstances. Brutality of this kind towards living creatures is wanton violence of the worst kind. We can only hope that however this may occur, those responsible may be identified and appropriate action taken.

Please go to to see how contributions can be made. Any donations with the reference SPCA FRAN will be forwarded to the SPCA in Franschoek.

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