Play Fun Tower Defence Games! February 7, 2013

Tower Defence games are great fun, and very popular casual games online. The idea behind these strategy games is simple yet engaging: Build towers, traps or barricades that stop an army of opponents from reaching the end of the level. The trick is placing these defensive buildings in the most strategic spots so that you can make use of them in the most efficient way.

The concept is open to a lot of different interpretations. There are army themed tower defence games, versions with feudal knights, zombies, goblins, ghosts and ghouls, snakes, rats, shoplifters, even mushrooms and carnivorous plants. You name it, there’s probably a tower defence game about it. With room for a little bit of everything as well as having some strategic elements thrown in, it’s no surprise these games have such a broad appeal.

Over at we’ve got almost 200 different tower defence games for you to try out. Try out some excellent games, such as the Strategy Defence series, Plants vs Zombies, and Monsters TD. There’s a huge selection of great games, so take a look and pick your favourite ones.

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