“Sow stalls” must go

The Administrator February 26, 2013

These creatures have done nothing wrong. They are producing more pigs for the industry only to be either slaughtered or impregnated and then crated to produce more piglets. The NSPCA believes that in the 21st Century, this practice has no moral or ethical values in today’s society.

Help me please...

I just want to be able to cuddle my baby

Consumers have the right to know what happens behind the scenes, before packaging, pricing and slaughtering of pigs. These sows are crated in a stall that permits no movement to her. All she can do is eat, drink and be pregnant.

An NSPCA initiative to highlight and bring it to the attention of the general consumer saw the launch of a campaign against this archaic practice. The industry itself has admitted that this practice is unnecessary; however due to costs can only make changes by 2020. The NSPCA rejected this justification as negotiations for a phase out period commenced in 2006. This resulted in a deadlock between the NSPCA and the South African Pork Producers Organization regarding the phase out date. It is time that consumers take charge.

Support is requested from consumers, retailers and all caring, compassionate people to help us exert sufficient pressure through public opinion to stop this practice. We simply ask that these animals have the freedom of movement within their environment and be able to socialise with other pigs.

Consumers can go to http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/sa-pork-industry-national-department-of-agriculture-retailers-stop-the-use-of-sow-crates-which-perpetuate-cruelty to send a letter to all the role players. It will take less than a minute, to bring change to the lives of millions of animals – now that’s power in your hands!

This campaign was launched on 18 February 2013 and has already gained momentum with the signatures of over 1000 people supporting it within four days.

To us it is not acceptable to continue the use of crates in South Africa beyond the previously set date of the end of 2016 by when they should have been phased out completely.

Please help these pigs!

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