Starving animals – NSPCA intervenes and saves lives and supports the community

The Administrator July 29, 2013

I need food - please help me...

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Animals in the drought-affected rural community of Klein Damrose near Kuruman in the Northern Cape have been assisted thanks to swift intervention by the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit.

Families in the area own around 100 cattle as well as sheep, horses and donkeys.

The drought led to grazing being depleted and the impoverished community was unable to provide supplementary feed for their animals: – not only due to the cost but in view of the additional issue of transporting it.

The NSPCA team sprang into action after discussing the issue with community leaders and confirming that food for the animals had to be sourced as a matter of urgency and brought to the settlement. The team travelled to Upington, several hours drive away, and purchased fodder from a local farmer and a farmers’ co-operative. Thanks are expressed to the member of the public who assisted by driving the estimated 600km return trip to deliver this food.

Late on Sunday 28 July 2013, Inspector Nazareth Appalsamy advised, ”We have arrived with the feed. We have bales, mealies and molasses. Cattle are running towards us and so are some sheep. People are in tears, they are so grateful.”

Some cattle were beyond salvation and 4 had to be humanely slaughtered by the NSPCA team to end their suffering.

The cost of the bales alone for two or three day’s feed is over R1 500.00 and the overall cost of the operation over the past weekend is R3 000.00.

An appeal is made for financial assistance to support these cattle until the next rainy season when there will be grazing available. The NSPCA will assist as far as possible with responsible management of the herd by the community until then. However the NSPCA’s own resources and funding are limited and we need the public’s assistance.

Ongoing support is needed to enable the Farm Animal Protection Unit to assist other animals in need especially in cases of emergencies when speedy intervention is required.

The team remains in the area and is addressing additional matters affecting animals. has a donations facility or donations can be paid directly into the account below with the reference DROUGHT.

ACCOUNT NUMBER – 201 032 0015
BRANCH CODE – 006 405

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