Relief for starving animals – Klein Damrose area

The Administrator August 5, 2013

I need food - please help me...

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The NSPCA sprang into action when it discovered that farm animals in Klein Damrose were starving due to the effects of the drought and lack of natural grazing.

Sincere gratitude is expressed to all caring and compassionate people who contributed.

Appreciation is also extended to the Northern Cape Department of Agriculture who undertook to absorb costs relating to transporting the fodder to the animals. Two trips were required to the Klein Damrose area.

Additional areas were identified by another NSPCA team. They advised that farm animals in other drought-affected areas were also in dire need of feed, specifically the area between around Kimberley where natural grazing has been depleted. The extent of the drought has been confirmed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in press articles.

It is the NSPCA’s view that ultimate responsibility in cases of natural disasters especially in rural, impoverished areas lies with the Department of Agriculture. The question is posed: – “When will the Department act?” in terms of sustainable and ongoing assistance and support.

The Farm Animal Protection Unit at the NSPCA is in constant communication with the Department of Agriculture not only in this area. The NSPCA concentrated on the most “secluded” and most needy areas in the recent relief operation which we treated as an emergency.

Extension Officers from the Department of Agriculture have worked with personnel from the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit specifically on the Klein Damrose issue over the past weekend. The specific aim is to jointly manage and oversee the ongoing responsible management of the herd within the Klein Damrose community.

The public is advised that it can continue to assist and support our disaster relief work and are referred to for details.

Vigilance is requested so that the NSPCA can be alerted quickly in cases of animals in need and thanks are expressed to people who have come forward with reports. We ask for the public’s continued co-operation and advise that 011-907-3590 can be utilised for such reports.

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