NSPCA launches new campaign for fuel.

The Administrator August 28, 2013

The National Council of SPCAs is launching a campaign to generate funding – for fuel!

“It is an essential,” explains Christine Kuch. “So often fuel costs are dismissed as overheads yet if the operational units at the NSPCA are to remain effective, funding for fuel costs is vital.”

The NSPCA covers areas where there is no individual SPCA which is approximately 70% of South Africa. Given that the individual SPCAs tend to be in urban areas, the 70% covered by the NSPCA involves a great deal of travelling.

“By definition, issues relating to wildlife or farm animals tend to be in rural areas, so again it comes back to the need to travel – and the cost. An inspector travels an average of 5 000km a month. To take examples, in June 2013, one Inspector in our Farm Animal Protection Unit travelled 4 657km and another Inspector travelled 6 376km on official business in the same month. That is, responding to complaints of neglect, cruelty or abuse plus call-outs to rescue animals, emergencies such as road accidents involving animals or animals affected by fires: – in addition to routine inspections and follow-ups. That is just one Unit!”

It is appreciated that there are additional costs of keeping vehicles on the road such as insurance, tax, toll fees and maintenance but by far the biggest expense is fuel.

Sponsorship from a fuel company would be ideal but everyone can help. Each R50 donated will equate to roughly 60 km travelled.

“We know there are a lot of caring, compassionate South Africans who wish to help animals. We appeal to them to appreciate that in order to help the animals we have to get to them. That’s why we are calling this the GET US THERE campaign.”

Cruelty does not come to us but reports of cruelty do. Our task is to go – to get out there, to respond and to do so quickly. That is why we need to change mindsets and to be active in promoting that fuel is not an overhead in animal welfare. It is an essential, a necessity and a key tool in our work to fight the abuse of animals.

How can you help?

Please go to www.nspca.co.za to see the donations facility.

Direct payments can be made into the following account with the reference FUEL

ACCOUNT NUMBER – 201 032 015
BRANCH CODE – 006 405

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