World Animal Day – United Nations recognition motivated

The Administrator October 3, 2013

World Animal Day falls on 04 October. It marks the start of International Animal Week and this year, the National Council of SPCAs is delighted to add our voice and support for official recognition of the day by the United Nations (UN).
Help us and all animals please!

The world-wide campaign which launches on 04 October has been initiated by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) which was granted General Consultative status at the United Nations earlier this year: – the only international animal charity to hold such a role. Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director of the NSPCA, is a Trustee of WSPA.

The aim of the annual celebratory International Animal Week is to draw attention to the role that animals play in our lives and to include an awareness of all species. In 2013, the NSPCA specifically stated that we wished to take this a step further and to encourage everyone to use the opportunity of International Animal Week to make a real and lasting difference.

The ultimate aim is to build a compassionate community for all.

The NSPCA is asking everyone to make choices, to use International Animal Week as the starting point and to continue into and through the festive season.

Being selective about what you support is a key issue. What may be called or promoted as a rehabilitation centre, sanctuary or welfare organisation with wild animals that can be petted or fed by hand is misleading and unethical. Supporting circuses with no wild animal acts is a worthy step. Insisting on free range produce, noting and reporting cruelty and speaking out: – each of these can have a huge ripple effect.

Making a conscious decision not to support web sites that trade in live animals sends out a clear message, as does stating exactly why you will not attend or support “festivities” where fireworks are used.

Official recognition of the day would be of assistance in helping everyone involved in animal welfare, to achieve our goal of greater animal protection. It is hoped that governments across the globe will take the time to reflect on the plight of animals and take important steps to protect them, now and in future.

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