Stolen dogs resuced from dog fighters – could they be yours??

The Administrator December 17, 2013

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has found a silver lining in the dark cloud of dog fighting, having confiscated three dogs that may have been stolen from loving homes. The animal welfare organisation is now appealing to the public in an attempt to find – and reunite – the rightful owners with the lucky rescues. Rescue 1a

Rescue 2a

Rescue 3aa

The NSPCA rescued eight dogs and arrested eight people in connection with dog fighting in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, in the early hours of 05 December 2013.

“Our investigation indicates that three of the dogs recovered may have been stolen. These dogs are well adjusted and happily interact with care givers. They were obviously once well loved and cared for,” says Este Kotze, the Deputy CEO of the NSPCA.

Wendy Willson of the Special Investigations Unit of the NSPCA explains, “When we recover dogs we look closely at behavioural patterns, how the dogs react to different people, and a behaviourist is called in to give an assessment. In this case these assessments, coupled with our investigations, have indicated to us that three of these animals may have once had loving homes. We will do whatever we can to reunite these animals with their owners.”

None of the dogs found were micro chipped, making it difficult to track the original and rightful owners. However, it is most likely that the dogs originated in the general Pretoria region.

If you believe that you may be the owner of one of these dogs, you are requested to send an email to with positive identification including a photograph of the dog, a detailed description and background information. The NSPCA will follow up to verify.

Please note that the NSPCA will only respond to e-mailed communications with positive identification of a specific dog. We ask for the public’s kind understanding in this regard: – owing to time constraints and the pressure on our resources at this time, we are unable to take telephone calls on the matter.

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