Public holidays

Apart from the gorgeous weather, spectacular geography and fantastic people, South Africa also has 12 public holidays. These are a mixture of  the usual traditional holidays and some public holidays celebrating our unique heritage. Here’s the list of all the South African public holidays including those that fall on a Sunday.

  • New Year’s Day [1 January]
  • Human Rights Day [21 March]
  • Good Friday [22 April]
  • Family Day [Easter Monday – 25 April]
  • Freedom Day [27 April]
  • Worker’s Day [1 May]
  • Youth Day [16 June]
  • National Women’s Day [9 August]
  • Heritage Day [24 September]
  • Day of Reconciliation [16 December]
  • Christmas Day [25 December]
  • Day of Goodwill [26 December]

For 2011, the following day is also listed as a public holiday:

  • 2 May (as Workers Day falls on a Sunday).
  • Cmodirwa

    why is the 9 of august is celebrated in south africa?

  • valient

    y cant i find what they mean

  • Dsgf

    Because south africa has women too, believe it or not.

  • Kalman

    What is there to do on December 16th in Johannesburg? Can somebody please help me?

  • Trevor

    kalman you can forgive those that you haven’t forgiven yet and then you make a toast easy as that

  • Ammaarah

    i only came to this website for homework life orientation

  • Chris Pretorius

    I am looking for the names of the following old public holidays of South Africa
    27 Februarie
    10 October
    14 August
    Help please it was to long ago to remember



  • maneyo

    i looking for 1st November and 1st December if you know pless let i know

  • zoogle

    y is day of good will right after Christmas