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South Africa Online. It’s the most famous and well-used top level domain in South Africa. In fact, if you use the search term ‘south africa’ when searching in one of the big search engines (Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo), you will find that South Africa Online often features in the top ten results from tens of millions of pages!


Established in September 1996, South Africa Online is a widely acknowledged entry point for people anywhere seeking information on South Africa due to its large and comprehensive site directory and easy to remember URL. Currently the directory contains over 17,000 web sites, all “human-edited” and neatly categorised. Highly popular additional services include a postal code search and a foreign-exchange rates table.

Average page views

330,000 per month

Average unique visitors

150,000 per month


79% of visitors are from South Africa. The balance of traffic is spread across 191 other countries/territories including United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, China, Netherlands.


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Some information derived from “Pocket Guide to South Africa”, published by South African Government Communications (GCIS). Additional statistical information provided by Stats SA.

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