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Can you Spot the Difference?

In spot the difference games you have to look very carefully at two pictures. On first glance they seem identical, but if you look very carefully you’ll see that some small details have been altered. Mostly there are 5 differences between the two pictures. The challenge is to find all five of them before your time is up!

Play Online!

You can play lots of Spot the Difference games for free online. Over at we have more than 100 Spot the Difference games for you to play for free in your browser. No downloads necessary! Just select the game you wan to play from the overview and you can start playing right away!

There are lots of fun themes to choose from, adventure themes, fairytale and princess themes, animal pictures, nature photography, celebrity pics and much more! So come on over and check out these and other fun games now!

More Than 8000 Games for South African Gamers April 16, 2013 General

You can now find more than 8000 casual online games collected in one place, South Africa’s largest online games website! Here you can play all kinds of casual online games directly in your browser, and completely for free. All games are filed under various handy categories, so just pick the type of game you […]

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Play more than 300 fun Platform Games for free! March 14, 2013 General

Platform games are games in which your character has to run and jump from platform to platform, jump over obstacles, collect objects, and try not to fall down. The genre first appeared in the 80s. The first platform games only had a static playing field, because technology was limited. Soon games with multiple static screens […]

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Play Fun Tower Defence Games! February 7, 2013 General

Tower Defence games are great fun, and very popular casual games online. The idea behind these strategy games is simple yet engaging: Build towers, traps or barricades that stop an army of opponents from reaching the end of the level. The trick is placing these defensive buildings in the most strategic spots so that you […]

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Fun Search and Find Games to Play! January 11, 2013 General

The holidays are over, and the new year has begun. So while life gets back to normal, here are some fun games to prevent boredom from setting in. How about training your eyes and detective skills with some great search and find games? In these games you will have to search the rooms or landscapes […]

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Presents, Reindeer, and Christmas Games! December 24, 2012 General

Can’t wait till Christmas? Whether it’s the presents you’re looking forward to, the Christmas dinner, the time off work and school, or just getting to spend some time with your family, get in the mood for Christmas with one of our fun X-mas themed online games.
We have over 50 different X-mas games to play at […]

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Play Almost 200 Fun Search and Find Games December 12, 2012 General

Search and find games and a type of point and click game where you have to find a number of lots objects. You’ll either be shown a picture or a silhouette of the items you need to find, or there will be a list with descriptions. Look around in the game. Frequently the room, house […]

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Fun Restaurant and Cooking Games December 6, 2012 Entertainment

Have you always dreamed of owning your own restaurant? Well, now you can give that job a try with one of our fun restaurant games! You can run your own sushi restaurant, burger joint, hotdog stand, diner, ice cream parlor, or whatever you will. But beware! – keeping up with all the orders placed by […]

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Lots of Fun New Multiplayer Games November 28, 2012 General

Multiplayer games are online games that you can play with many players at the same time. You can work together to complete missions, or you can play games like pool, cards, pictionary, etc. against each other. Some multiplayer games also feature the option to just play by yourself if you don’t feel like competition or […]

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Use Your Skills in These New Escape Games! November 21, 2012 Entertainment

Escape games are exactly what the name implies. In these games you’ve been locked up somewhere, accidentally or on purpose, and you have to find a way to escape! Look around and click on items to collect them (although there might be a limit to how many items you can carry at any one time). […]

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