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It is important to note that as from 1 July 2010, the Department of Home Affairs has advised that they will no longer be permitting entry to foreign truck drivers unless they have work permits.  The Department has advised that any such foreign truck drivers will be required to have work permits, whether or not the truck has been registered in South Africa or outside our borders.


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If such truck drivers from foreign countries need to enter South Africa for the purpose of driving a truck, which forms part of their trade, occupation or profession, then such person will be required to have a work permit endorsed in their passport.

Previously, the situation has always been that such foreigners were entitled to enter South Africa on visitor’s visas and perform the necessary tasks within South Africa and leave prior to the expiry of such visitor’s visa.  This is obviously no longer the case.

This will obviously have a major impact on the road freight industry due to the tiresome process that is involved in obtaining a work permit.

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Lance Armstrong initially denied entry into South Africa

Tarryn Pokroy Rietveld March 9, 2010 Visas & Immigration

“Armstrong’s rough ride into South Africa” was the IOL headline today and Lance was almost denied entry into South Africa last night.
The rationale for his initial refusal to entry was caused by the fact that he did not have sufficient blank pages in his passport.
In terms of Regulation 2(1)(e) of the Immigration Regulation promulgated under […]

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