Postal codes

Welcome to our postal code facility. Just click on the letter you want and search down.

  • Lee van greuning

    Please bring back the option to type in a code and then get the suburb, we very often use that

  • maestiweb

    We will have the postal code search on the new site. In the mean time, you can use the search facility on the old site:


  • nokwazi

    I want to know my zip code, I am staying in Durban here in south Africa

  • zama

    twitterss pls assist me here, I have a big problem ,I don't know my zip code.I live in Durban, so if anyone knows it pls email it to me my email adress is –

  • Obaapa61

    i want to know the zip/postal code for Tokai

  • Mhlogos47

    heay ya people,what is south african zip code as a country?please email it to me @

  • tharica

    hello people i need the zip code for durban…. please thanx

  • Lanstey

    Not much help when there are 4 or more codes for Parow and no indication as to whether they are PO box codes or street codes.

  • Mathwela

    Hello people I need Zip code of Osuth Africa

  • Psshandu

    lol its 8000

  • Whitejuana

    i want to know the postal code of cape town

  • Mvucnomvuselelo

    i wanna knw the code of S.A!

  • Mathwela

    I am looking for SA zip code

  • sara

    polokwane botlokwa

  • dorety

    hello people i need the zip code for johannesburg

  • Kary

    South Africa doesn't have a zip code. It's a country, not a US state! There are various postal codes and larger cities have more than one, which indicates the nearest post office in the suburb. So when you say zip code, I suspect you are on a US website that requires that kind of info from US CITIZENS.

  • Mari

    You can also use sapo (South African Post Office) online


  • Alethadp


  • Dhf

    What a stupid site – it is supposed to give you the postal codes when you do a search, not bring up some other random pages!

  • Neilwvr

    There are no such things as “zip codes” in South Africa… We do not have States. South Africa has Postal Codes and Area Codes, Simple.

    … If you are filling in a Web Form (Probably a USA Web Site) that requires a “Zip Code”, just use “0000″ (4x Zero's). It is acceptable on most sites (They do understand). That's it.

  • Moiralouise

    This site is totally unhelpful, all I want is the postal code for a suburb in Cape Town.

  • Jill Rumbelow

    What a useless site. Not able to find any Cape Town postal codes

  • Lourensvanniekerk9

    To some of the real morons below:  a) SA doesn't have zip codes and b) You can search for your postal code by clicking on the letter your suburb name begins with…the bad news is that you actually need to be literate and not live in a hole in the ground for it to work….

  • Adomshadrack

    zip code

  • Adomshadrack

    us zip code

  • Adomshadrack

    what is the postal code for south for south africa email it to

  • Charleenutyes2

    Hi friend how is work hope all is well, please can u help me with the Zip code for phones to South African if it’s (+……) so that i call a brother there u 8will help me, that is all i need.
    Thanks and i will be very grateful if u does that for me.

  • Ebonykelvin


  • Laura

    I need a postal code for St. Francis Bay, East Cape

  • Deliah

    I reside in Cape Town. can anyone tell me in which province Brakpan is

  • Russellfurlong

    Postal code of Claremont in Cape Town please?

  • F Boonzaaier


  • Audic

    Hello everyone i don’t know if this is the best way i should do this, but all the same i want to invest i RSA and i don’t have any assistance to get a business permit, can any body contact me at and we shall discuss in details and  his or her own % in the business. Thanks

  • Adam

     i want to know the Postal code of paris!!!
    help ple!

  • Barry

    Brakapan is in Gauteng next to Benoni

  • van07

    postal or zip code of Johannesburg

  • Ruaan

    Hi, where can I find out which suburbs have street delivery of mail and which don’t?

  • Nicemaphia

    i want to knw the postal code of polokwani

  • Wjj_coughlin

    zip code moshi town tanzania

  • simson

    postal code caoe town ?

  • liezel

    i am Liezel, i am looking for a address for bruce neal a’driaanse irving/ irvine. he lives in knysna. born 07 may 1977

  • Kirsten Minnaar

    hi i need the zip code for mariette minnar she lives in pretoria

  • Kirsten Minnaar

     i need to know the postal code of pretoria

  • Geostat

    looking for postal codes ranges for each municipal and local district in SA.Can someone help.SAPO is pretty useless

  • Genius

    You so stupid full South Africa it does have zipcodes I mean from East, West, South and North they do have postal code idiot
    Just try to educate your self

  • Denise Wilken

    Hi ,What is the zip code for Hoopstad, Freestate south Africa?

  • Mark Choice

    Whay is the postal code for Paarden Eiland in Cape Town?

  • ajay


  • siphiwe da unstopable dj

    Awe people what’s a zip code?

  • alicia

    Hi..What is the zip code for King William’s Town