South African Holidays | Backpacker Hostel Accommodation in South Africa

Backpacker accommodation in Cape Town.

South Africa is a fantastic backpackers destination. Really it is, and concerned parents making enquiries about their darling sons or daughters who are thinking of heading off to South Africa for a few months, can be reassured.

It seems strange but backpacking is probably one of the safer ways to travel. A dedicated backpackers bus picks passengers up at the hostel and drops them off at the next.

Hostel owners are usually quite aware of the everyday crime risk that every establishment is exposed to and they do take all the necessary precautions. But it's with the single traveller - especially single women - that the backpackers infrastructure really shines.

People invariably meet other travellers at backpackers and like-minded people end up travelling together for a while and sometimes becoming life-long friends.

There are backpackers hostels in almost every centre and quite a few in the more popular places. Cape Town, for example, has close to 60 hostels. Backpackers hostels offer car rental, flight bookings and tour bookings. Many also run tours to local attractions and often organise fun events, such as impromptu volleyball matches, parties, or braais (barbeques).

Many backpackers belong to BTSA (Backpackers Tourism Southern Africa) which does collective marketing. BTSA was formed as a trust organisation, with the purpose of ensuring that people who visit the country as backpackers, can be assured that there is a local organisation, that is interested in making their stay the most enjoyable in the world.

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