Diving and Snorkelling in South Africa

Snorkelling in South Africa.

South Africa's extensive coastline ranges from about 35S to 27S, which isn't quite within the usual range of tropical diving. However, the Mozambique Current, which flows down our East Coast, brings warm, tropical water with it and at Sodwana Bay, we have the most southerly coral reefs in the world.

The underwater faunal and floral assemblage changes gradually until, once you've reached Cape Town, you would be diving in chilly but beautiful kelp forests. These, too, are unique. There are three major types, or genera, of kelp, and a short portion of the Western Cape coast is the only place in the world that they all grow together.

Diving in kelp is like walking in a forest. The diver floats beneath the canopy and admires the surprisingly colourful reef life. Wonderful as the option of diving off the Cape Coast on a South African holiday is, it is not quite as dependable as the more tropical diving further north. There is good diving all year round but, as a rule, winter is the best time for the entire coast.

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