Golf in South Africa

Golf in South Africa.

There are 2 reasons why a South African holiday is an excellent choice for the golfing enthusiast. The first is the fact that green fees are very reasonable compared to many other parts of the world. The second is far more important. We have many outstanding golf courses, in absolutely exquisite surroundings.

A third reason that just has to be tacked on, is that non-golfing family members will have so much to do they won't resent time spent on the greens.

There are golf courses almost everywhere - many in the cities and some in even the most unlikely small places. But, if you want golf in large doses, you should consider the Garden Route or the north and south coasts of KwaZulu-Natal.

In both these areas, there are dozens of very scenic clubs and resorts, so visitors could play a different course every day for a week or two before they'd have to start repeating themselves. Another very important consideration is that both these areas offer superb alternatives for non-golfing companions, so it's also good for relationships.

Not surprisingly, the area around Johannesburg is also well endowed with some exciting venues and visitors could spend a week doing nothing but driving from (to and on) a different course every day. And, obviously, if visitors are going to be in the city on business, it would be worth their while to try to fit in a game or two.

There are golf competitions all through the year but the major annual event is the Nedbank Challenge at Sun City in November. Quite a number of golfing enthusiasts on South African holiday flock to this resort to watch the pros in action.

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