Historical Sites, Museums & Monuments, South Africa

Robben Island, Western Cape, South Africa.

There is no stone, no tree and no river course that doesn't have a story to tell. But if there are no people to interpret that story, it will stay unknown forever. So, while there are many places in South Africa that have seen momentous events, only some of them are sufficiently documented.

Some of the obvious choices include Robben Island, where so much of the nation's history was nurtured, and the bustling area of Soweto where, in 1976, pupils revolted against the apartheid state.

Other interesting examples include: Rhodes Memorial, the Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl and the Voortrekker Monument, which dominates the Pretoria skyline. Many monuments and historical sites have on-site museums but there are also many excellent stand-alone museums.

From the usual natural history and cultural history museums to the rather unusual ones, you'll find something to inform, entertain, amuse and enlighten you.

Some of the more offbeat museums include a butter museum, a tractor museum, a surfing museum, a whaling museum, a shell museum and an angling museum. Probably the most important museums though, are the Robben Island Museum, the Apartheid Museum and the Transvaal Museum of Natural History.

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