Skiing, Snowboarding and Sandboarding in South Africa

Skiing in South Africa.

Skiing is not big in the country, as we don't have much in the way of snow. However, if  visitors on a South African holiday want a skiing experience with a serious difference - this is it. Not many people have skied in South Africa.

There is one dedicated ski resort, with guaranteed snow between July and September inclusive. We make up for the lack of snow by having wonderful sand dunes - visitors to South Africa can try sandboarding near Cape Town or Port Elizabeth and our only ski resort offers grass skiing in summer

There are other places where one can ski on South African holiday like Sani Top in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains but none of these are formal areas so you have to really be keen and adventurous. If you have the money and are lucky with the snowfall, there is some wild and unchartered heli-skiing to be had, but the runs are not that long.

Sandboarding is an exciting new extreme sport which is easy to learn. It is similar to snowboarding and surfing but doesn't require layers of clothing or wetsuits.

Probably the biggest attraction of sand boarding is the relative ease of learning. An absolute beginner will pick it up with in a day, given the right instructor. Turns, small jumps and high speed are common place on the first day.

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