Skydiving in South Africa

Skydiving in South Africa.

There are a number of skydiving operations all over the country, and South Africa is a great spot to learn to skydive - that excellent exchange rate, again. Visitors on a South African holiday could fly out here and do an accelerated freefall course, for a fraction of the cost of doing it at home - and have a great holiday.

For those who have never skydived, you can either choose to do a standard static line jump or a tandem jump, where you are tied to an instructor who makes all the decisions for you.

Serious skydivers wanting to do big formations should consider Pretoria - they have the biggest planes in the country, enabling them to take the most skydivers in one go. Visitors wanting to skydive for fun - for that once in a lifetime experience, should consider Cape Town.

If you're going on a South African holiday, you may as well get a mid-air photo of yourself with Table Mountain in the background - something for the memoirs! All skydiving activity is controlled by PASA (Parachute Association of South Africa).

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