Tree Top Canopy Tour

Tree Top Canopy Tour .

There are few Tree Top Canopy Tours in the world. Fortunately, there is a truly awesome Tree Top Canopy Tour for guests on a South African holiday. The trail is made up of 8 cables, strung out between trees, and going right through the forest canopy. The visitor wears a climbing harness and is clipped into a pulley on a long, strong, steel cable.

Then he (or she) steps off wooden platforms and slides along the cable, stopping whenever they feel like it to savour the view, study a tree or take a photograph. It's more than just an adrenaline rush, though. This system was initially devised by biologists working in rain forests as a means to observe and study the otherwise inaccessible forest canopy.

Some of the slides are about 80m long and you can let go, spinning slowly, looking down onto a virtually pristine forest floor covered with tree ferns and mosses. Check out the construction techniques, the cables are cleverly attached to the trees without causing any damage whatsoever. As well as the 8 slides there is a rather scary, but safe, suspended walkway.

So, although it's a great deal of fun whooshing along the cables, most people take it really slowly and make the most of the opportunity to see this ancient forest from a truly privileged viewpoint. If visitors on South African holiday are interested in the natural attractions of the areas they travel through, it should be included in their itinerary.

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