Walking Safaris and Wilderness Trails

Guided walking safaris in South Africa.

Very few people travel all the way for a South African holiday without including some game watching in their itinerary. There is nothing quite like the sensation of being out in the wilderness on your own two feet, hearing only your own heartbeat, and surrounded by the scent of crushed turpentine grass, in the middle of a wilderness area.

It is moments like these that give you an inkling of what the world was like when it was young. And innocent. And intimidating. All walking safaris are undertaken under the direct supervision of armed rangers and trackers and no unnecessary risks are taken.

So, yes, although it sounds adventurous to be on foot only metres from a pride of Lions, the experienced trackers will utilise all their skills to ensure that visitors do not face any unnecessary risks. But the beauty and the risk of the bush is that anything can happen.

Visitors on South African holiday can also gain knowledge from guides on how to distinguish the different animals, trees, the medicinal uses of plants and basic tracking and survival skills.

The most popular areas for wilderness trails are the game parks of Kruger National Park, where there is a choice of 7 different trails, each with its own special character and attractions. Both these areas are low malaria risk areas. But remember that malaria is very easily avoided by taking very simple precautions.

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