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  • Africa: ‘Not a Conference, a Conversation’
    [allAfrica]Addis Ababa -Agriculture. Food security. Small-scale farmers. Agriculture research. Did your eyes glaze over? Thought so. The agriculture sector still struggles to shake the perception of being dull and tedious, which poses a key challenge when seeking to address food security on the continent. With a relatively youthful population, African governments, civil society and farmers need to ensure that Africa: How Africa is Losing the Ebola Battle
    [allAfrica]A combination of fear of the Ebola virus, weak public infrastructures in three of the world’s poorest countries, and a slow response by the international public health community and world governments is reversing real progress in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
  • Africa: Citizens Call to Action on Ebola – Petition
    [allAfrica]As the Ebola virus becomes an overwhelming human catastrophe affecting public health, social institutions and and economic well-being in Africa, we stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens in the countries victimized by this deadly disease.