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SA Rocks

  • Get out there and see South Africa!
    Eita everybody! A very big, a warm, South African handshake for everybody. For those of you who don’t know what a South African handshake is, check it out. For those of you who do know, check out the link too – quite cool, thanks so much ubuntu bridge for the video! So, the last bit of [...]
  • NicSocks – Proudly South African Stylish Men’s Socks
    Being proudly South African and using local manufacturers is becoming quite an important part of the local fashion scene. With this in mind it’s my pleasure to write about a new mens fashion brand that has launched called NicSocks. is a subscription sock service for men. All the socks are locally produced and made [...]
  • Santa’s Shoebox Project (
    Se-ve-n! For those of you who are confused by that greeting, you have some reading to do below. Head back this way when you are done. … Right, now that we are all at the same place, lets have a little read here. What I can guarantee from this article is warm smile once you [...]

SA Good News

  • Is South Africa the best place to road trip in the world?
    Last year, South Africa (SA) was ranked highly in a number of travel awards and reports, which rated everything from beauty to infrastructure, proving that our country really is one of the best places to take to the open road.

  • Does Good News “trend” in South Africa?
    Mention the words, “good news” or “positive news” and you will invariably be accused of sunshine journalism by many sclerotic journalists. Talk of the “glass half-full vs glass half-empty” and you may well be accused of being naïve.

  • Woolworths to reduce number of GM modified products by 50%
    In keeping with our commitment to remove or replace ingredients from genetically modified crops in our foods where possible, Woolworths has announced plans to reduce the current number of products containing ingredients derived from genetically modified (GM) crop sources in private label foods by 50 percent over the next year.