Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Church in Cradock, Eastern Cape.

Cradock is a small and quaint town situated in the Fish River Valley, and was founded by Sir John Cradock after the frontier war of 1812. Here, the soil is rich, the water plentiful and the weather pleasant and warm, making this little town an ideal lucern, dairy and fruit farming area.

Cradock is developed into a graceful town. Beautiful thatch and stone houses line the street, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the bygone era. The Dutch Reformed Church is a definite must see, and this regal stone building has impressed guests from far and wide.

Cradock is the capital of the Cape Midlands and is a thriving rural town. Farmers have utilized the indigenous flora of the area, such as Karoo bushes, to produce the best wool and mohair, and to add that renowned Karoo flavour to the mutton.

Cradock is a cultural experience, especially for those interested in admiring the old buildings lining the streets. Cradock is also a place with a great historical past. The Great Trek started in Cradock and its surrounding districts. The geographical location of Cradock makes it an excellent stopover for the weary traveler to rest his bones.

The town is also home to the Mountain Zebra National Park. This national park offers great self guided hikes and the opportunity to view herds of Cape Mountain Zebra. It is a luscious and lovely park and boasts breathtaking scenery, as well as small herds of antelope, small predators and over 200 species of bird.

For panoramic views, take a drive up 'Oukop', which was used as a lookout post during the war. Enjoy a gentle walk around the slopes and view the Anglo-Boer war soldier's etchings on a rock.

Cradock boasts a pleasant climate, with hot and balmy summers and cold winters. The town also has a very low rainfall. Cradock is situated on the N10, almost halfway between Port Elizabeth and Colesberg. The nearest airport is at Port Elizabeth, 250 kilometres away.

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