Slangkop, Western Cape, South Africa

Lighthouse in Slangkop.

Commissioned on 4 March 1919, Slangkoppunt is the tallest cast iron lighthouse on the South African coast. Its name originated from Slangkop hill directly behind the lighthouse.

This coastline has many reefs and headlands that stretch far out into the ocean resulting in huge waves that have wrecked many a fine vessel. Within walking distance from the lighthouse are 3 graves. They are the graves of sailors believed to have come from the wreck of the SS Maori.

The more famous vessels that have to come to grief in this area, were the SS Kakapo that ran ashore on the southern end of Chapmans Bay in 1900 during a north west gale, the SS Clan Munroe wrecked a little to the north of the lighthouse in 1905, the Oakburn wrecked on Duiker Point in 1906 in thick fog (2 crew members drowned), and the SS Maori wrecked in thick fog in 1909 (32 lives were lost).

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