Vryburg, North West, South Africa

Entrance to Vryburg, North West.

Vryburg lies in a rich cattle-farming area and boasts an interesting history. When the Republic of Stellaland was proclaimed in 1882, Vryburg was established as its capital. The Republicans called themselves Vryburgers (free Citizens), hence the name of the town.

Vryburg is situated on the main railway lines from Cape Town to Botswana and Zimbabwe. The town offers residential areas, business centers and all modern facilities. Today, the town of Vryburg is a thriving industrial and agricultural hub.

The modern architecture of the town manages to blend with the well-preserved old buildings, which is definitely a delight for architectural fundis. There is much to do in Vryburg, such as visiting the many reserves, the Voortrekker Monument and the first police station.

Vryburg also hosts one of the largest cattle sales in the Southern Hemisphere with an enormous turnover of more than 250 000 head of cattle per year. It is this, along with its image of being a frontier town that has given it the nickname the 'Texas of South Africa'.

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