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Oh dear… it’s nearly Christmas already and you missed the last date for sending those overseas Christmas cards! Would they get there anyway??Christmas candy cane

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Christmas tree biscuit
And while you are there, check out our Christmas links section… and our Christmas stories section… and our Christmas poetry section. Lots to interest you at this holiday season.

Put your money where your mouse is!

Maureen Cram November 30, 2009 Animals

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) seasonal appeal in 2009 goes beyond asking for support for animals: – it focuses on the forgotten animals especially at this time of the year. We are thinking of turkeys, chickens – animals commonly referred to as food animals or production animals.

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Festive season issues for animals

The Administrator November 14, 2007 Animals

Caring animal owners will already be aware of the responsibilities that come with the approach of the festive season. It has never bitten before when we hear of a Christmas costume being put on the dog, a prank gone wrong or a pet that simply had too much.respect Treat them with care and respect ALL ANIMALS.

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