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Oh dear… it’s nearly Christmas already and you missed the last date for sending those overseas Christmas cards! Would they get there anyway??Christmas candy cane

Worry no more… just visit and choose from our huge selection of virtual Christmas cards. Send as many as you like! When you like! Postage free!
Christmas tree biscuit
And while you are there, check out our Christmas links section… and our Christmas stories section… and our Christmas poetry section. Lots to interest you at this holiday season.

St Patrick’s Day

Editor March 6, 2013 General

Coming soon!!  St Patrick’s Day!


March 17 will soon be here…  Seen any leprechauns lately?  Any small people wearing green hats?  Any four-leaf clovers or shamrocks?
Come on over to for lots of interesting info, recipes and of course lots and lots of free cards to send to all your family and friends!
Cards… we have all [...]

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Valentine’s Day – coming soon!

Editor February 13, 2013 General

February 14 is Valentine’s Day so save yourself time and money and get on over to for lots and lots of great virtual cards to send – courtesy of

she loves me… she loves me not…

Yes… unlike some card sites, all our cards are free to send – romantic, sad, funny… we have [...]

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Qurbani (Eid-ul-Adha)

The Administrator November 3, 2011 Animals

The National Council of SPCAs, on behalf of the SPCA movement in South Africa, extends good wishes to all our citizens of the Islamic faith who will be celebrating or partaking in Qurbani which begins this year on 06 November 2011. This festival is celebrated annually and involves the slaughter or sacrifice of animals for [...]

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New report reveals serious disease risk from keeping wild animals as pets

The Administrator October 27, 2011 Animals

The National Council of SPCAs forwards the media release of the Euro Group for Animals below.

Eurogroup for Animals

A Eurogroup for Animals report released today illustrates the high risk of zoonoses from wild animals kept as pets. Zoonoses are diseases which are passed from animals to humans with sometimes fatal consequences. With an ever growing [...]

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Vote for Table Mountain!

The Administrator October 18, 2011 Environment

Table Mountain is in the running to become one of the New7Wonders of Nature, but this South African attraction is falling behind!

Let's do it for the Mountain!

Table Mountain is one of 28 finalists in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition, in which the world’s top natural sites are being whittled down to seven winners [...]

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Animal torture by teens

The Administrator August 16, 2011 General

NSPCA investigations have led to criminal charges being laid against two KwaZulu-Natal schoolgirls who recorded and posted a video of themselves torturing a hen as they giggled and squealed with laughter.

Photo credit: bugdog

The visual material was placed on a YouTube video apparently by the teens whose names are known and whose parents have been [...]

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Finding justice for women in small places

The Administrator August 5, 2011 General

By Jennifer Lee – an intern working with the FW de Klerk Foundation – in commemoration of Women’s Day.

Photo credit: Hip-hop Wired

According to Eleanor Roosevelt universal human rights begin…”in small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any map of the world. … Unless [...]

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Rodeo – bull dies for ‘entertainment’

The Administrator August 2, 2011 Animals

Another animal has died in the name of sport and entertainment. According to the NSPCA, rodeo is a cruel exploitive activity.

Photo credit: The Kind Life

A bull broke its rear right leg in the second “event” of a rodeo at an agricultural show in Thabazimbi in Limpopo on Saturday 30 July. The veterinarian in attendance [...]

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Weather advisory for animals

The Administrator July 26, 2011 Animals

The National Council of SPCAs issues an urgent advisory with regard to the current adverse weather conditions that have resulted in snowfalls over parts of our country, plummeting temperatures and animals being affected: domestic, farm and wild animals.

Photo credit: SAWDIS

With snow blanketing vast areas and resultant road closures, an urgent appeal is made to [...]

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