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Cape Town sunset.

Regarded as the pariah state of the world in the late 20th century due to draconian laws and oppressive leadership of the white minority. The South Africa the world knows today has changed, and has come a long way in doing so. The year 1994 has made its mark in history when prisoner of 27 years and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela walked through the ironclad bars to lead the country to greatness. A new era of democracy was inaugurated and South Africa revealed herself. Unveiling freedom and unity. A rainbow nation indeed.

More than 10 years later the country still faces enormous challenges but still remains a lesson to the rest of the world. Anything is possible. The most developed country on the continent; it won the 2010 bid to host the world football tournament and is currently undergoing major construction, economical and provincial changes. It is a country with a kaleidoscope of culture, language and people. And host of attractions that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Despite the negative media surrounding the country, visitors are often pleased with what they find. A country full of friendly faces, warm and hospitable cities, spectacular scenery, first world developments, sophisticated shopping opportunities and clean beaches. That is clearly a plate full. Visitors are treated with an array of natural wonder and wilderness mixed with the cosmopolitan effects and urbanization of city life. It is not only cultural diversity alone that makes this country magical. South Africa has a wealth of plant and animal life splayed across its variegated climactic zones. And has much to offer anyone with a deep interest in history, too. South Africa is billed 'a world in one country' and visitors who experience its delights are bound to agree.

Cape Town

The enticement of Cape Town lies in its striking setting and beauty of its natural environment. It has a turbulent history. The affects of Apartheid linger in the hearts of many people but transformation leads to a feeling of hope for this 'Rainbow Nation'. Today, the millennial generation is colour-blind; these young people lead a more free life than the generations before. A life not dictated by rules of colour, creed, race etc. Walk through the countries malls, parks and valleys and experience the unity amongst them.

Although an African city, Cape Town has a distinguished European influence and tourists experience the excitement of Africa in the reposes of First World surroundings. Cape Town's unique settings allow for enjoyment from various vantage points: Table Mountain, Lion's Head, Cape peninsula, Robben Island, harbour tours, charming old buildings and the cosmopolitan V&A Waterfront and sophisticated Canal Walk. One is spoilt for choice in this city. Cape Town has four distinct seasons, each with its own character. Summer and white sandy beaches, autumn's toasty colours, the vehemence of stormy seas in winter, and spring's boast of Cape 'fynbos' flowers. Cape Town, South Africa is a special place. Culture, scenery and history all contribute to its springing reputation as a favoured destination.


Delightful Durban is the largest city of the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. A coastal port with a more than placid sub-tropical climate and golden beaches laved by the warm Indian Ocean, Durban is a holidaymaker's paradise and entry to dozens of seaside resort towns. The 'Golden Mile' beach area flanked by high-rise hotels stretches for miles and is faced by promenades and entertainment facilities, a skate park, flea markets and colourful Zulu rickshaws.

Whilst much of Durban is characterized by colonial architecture, the city is an exciting blend of cultures. There is a large Indian community who furnish the city with an elating oriental flavour enhanced by their variety and tantalizing curry restaurants.This busiest port of Africa is oasis for investors and holiday makers alike. Rich in cultural heritage the city is full of song and dance. From expressive Zulu movements to traditional Indian dance. Prominent events held around the city, tourist and residents often indulge in entertainment. The city boasts many event venues with ambiance and character.

Entertainment centres, casinos and sophisticated shopping malls in Durban are a world on its own. The city hosts supposedly the largest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere, Gateway Shopping Mall in Umhlanga. Its takes a long and time to discover all that Gateway has to offer, but thankfully for stopovers like science museums, the IMAX theatre which shows great documentaries, pricey coffee shops, the Barnyard Dinner Theatre, largest rock climbing in the world and adventurous outdoor sports, a trip to Durban is not an average experience.


Capital of South Africa's most ambitious province, Gauteng, Johannesburg is the economic power plant of Africa. With its growing suburban straggle crawling outwards from the central city skyscrapers and ring-road highways. More than 10-million of the cities inhabitants live rapid paced lives and have carefree spirit, which they have bestowed upon the model of the city. Known by its African name as Egoli, 'the place of gold'. Just over a century old, the developments of Johannesburg, Gauteng has adopted the fortunes of the White Water Reef, the ample gold-bearing rock reef that extends across the area of Johannesburg.

The initial gold bunce started in the early 1880s. Today it is a city of contrasts, with modern luxury buildings looming beside a few remaining Victorian buildings, and affluent suburbs with beautiful private homes giving way to the streets and tiny houses of Soweto. Johannesburg has come a long way and will continue to flourish with developments underway and employment favoring skilled workers. "Place of Plenty" is what its residents are claiming it to be, one can hardly argue. The area is host to fancy shopping malls, great festivals, foods and nightclubs, business enterprises and world-class Sandton hotels and accommodation and the most sought after venues. There is something for everyone.

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